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Connection. Is it a buzz word? Maybe. But it is something we all want, we all crave, and we all need. Our Gift Boxes and Date Boxes are designed to strengthen connections. Through the art of gifting, sharing and kindness, connections are fostered and maintained. Connections also extend to our planet and the whole of the human race, which is why we choose ethical, sustainable and organic products. Let’s strengthen connections. 

Customer Feedback

I loved the gift box for a newborn baby! Not only high quality natural products, but also very lovely and heart warming. You can tell the giftbox was created with lots of thought and love put in it.
— Rasa, Auckland

Lovely products, beautifully presented in eco-friendly ways. The order and delivery process was very streamlined. My Giftcare box recipient loved the whole experience. As a busy pregnant mother it made her feel special receiving gorgeous skincare, chocolate and babycare products. It was great knowing that all the products are very safe/gentle/non toxic. The extended family were impressed too! Highly recommended !
— Rebecca, Wellington