How to be charitable when you are low on cash


As humans, the desire to help people is in our DNA. We all want to make the world a bit brighter, a bit kinder, and a bit happier. Sometimes finances do throw in a big road block and we can be left feeling a bit helpless. So how can we contribute if we don’t have any spare money?

These New Zealand businesses have based their livelihood around helping others. So when we shop with them, we are making a contribution without any extra cost to ourselves.

27Seconds Wine
Pete and Alanna created 27Seconds, because every 27 seconds somewhere in the world, someone is sold or trafficked into slavery. And get this, 100%, yes that’s right 100% of their profits goes to helping to get people out of these horrific circumstances. Check out their full story, it is awesome!

Generosity Coffee
These guys roast their own coffee, which you can get on subscription by the way! And a significant portion of their profits are donated to various groups and organisations. It is very well priced and tastes delicious.

Charity Tea
Gill, the founder behind Charity Tea, started this company to help feed hungry children both in New Zealand and in Haiti. Her tea is organic, is farmed with fair wages and her packaging is sustainable. Check out her tea blends, the work she is doing, and of course buy some tea.

Little Difference Greeting Cards and Prints
I came across Little Difference whilst looking for a card stockist for our Gift Boxes and instantly fell in love. The hand drawn designs are whimsical and beautiful, but what is even better is their commitment to the environment. All their cards are printed on 100% recycled card, and the envelopes and packaging is all 100% recycled, plus for every card purchased they pay for a tree to be planted in Madagascar. What!! So far they have planted over 65,000 trees.

Shop and Support Local Schools
S.A.S.S is an online store which donates its profits to local schools here in Aotearoa. It is aimed to help alleviate some of the on going costs that parents are not always able to come up with. They sell useful and environmentally friendly items such as bamboo tooth brushes, lunch boxes and stainless steel straws. If you are going to buy it anyway, you may as well help a good cause at the same time right?

The Cookie Project
Do you want home baked cookies but lacking in time? The Cookie Project employ people with disabilities to bake wholesome home made cookies. Their employees are paid a standard wage and given work experience. And you get to eat all the goodies, I think that is fair for everyone!

My Cup
I think most of us now know that #periodpoverty is a real thing, and if you haven’t heard of it I urge you to read about it.There are many women in New Zealand who struggle to provide themselves with basic menstrual products due to financial constraints. At My Cup, you can purchase yourself a menstrual cup and automatically give one to another woman in need.

Make Give Live
This business is wonderful! It embraces community AND gives back. If you are an avid knitter you can join one of their knitting groups, a chance for friendship and relaxation while you get your knit on. Or you can buy one of the hand crafted hats, and in doing so gift one to someone in need. Everyone deserves to keep warm in Winter!

I hope this helps you to shop with your wallet as well as your heart. And if you have any other businesses to add to the list I would love to hear about them.

P.S Whilst we are unable to contribute substantially at this stage, we do donate $1 from every Gift Box and Date Box sold to Child Rescue, an organisation that helps rescue children from slavery and sexual exploitation.