Product review: Mama Bear bamboo toothbrushes

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So many little things to think about as a parent, like toothbrushes! Say what? Are toothbrushes not just toothbrushes?


Sadly not.

Most toothbrushes are plastic, they contain harmful chemicals and hormone disruptors such as BPA. Now I am not going to lie, we have used plastic brushes for our little chica in the past. We used to shell out $6 for BPA free ones to somewhat ease my conscience, because some of the better options were too expensive at $9+ a pop. And for little kids that go through toothbrushes super fast, this gets pricey!!

The Mama Bear bamboo toothbrushes are stylish, biodegradable and we stock them in our Toothosaurus Gift Box.

They are made using DuPont™ nylon BPA free bristles, bamboo, plus they are made in an ethical FDA approved factory.

Now what is the big deal about bamboo?

  • It is sustainable, it grows prolifically sometimes up to a meter per day!

  • There is no need for pesticides or herbicides to grow bamboo.

  • It produces up to 35% more oxygen than other equivalent groups of trees.

  • It is naturally antimicrobial meaning less chance of bacteria growing.

  • There are many uses for bamboo, from eating to making paper, cloth and furniture with virtually no wastage of the plant.

And one last and definitely IMPORTANT thing about toothbrushes. Did you know that plastic toothbrush handles take over 1000 years to degrade in landfill? And worldwide more than 2 billion plastic toothbrushes find their way to landfills every year? Not to mention littering our oceans and waterways.

If there is one goal this year that we should all undertake, it should be to reduce plastic! 

Switching to bamboo toothbrushes is definitely the way to go!

Melanie x
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