Why Date Boxes?


Do you find that by the end of the day or the week, you just don’t have the energy to create a fun date night with your partner?

As parents we found that our evening routine had settled into making cups of tea and watching a show on Netflix. We didn’t even manage to watch films anymore unless we dragged it over two or three nights.

As we found ourselves getting grumpy with each other more often, we realised that we needed to prioritise connection. Focusing on us as a couple was our best chance of getting out of the ground hog day rut. You feelin’ it?

First off, we couldn’t go out. Our kids are young and we are not ready to hire babysitters, and we have no family in town that can step in. So date nights in became our thing. Often it was making a nice dinner after the kids were asleep, and then just chatting about different topics.

Then we realised we can’t be the only ones in this situation!! Cue Date Boxes lightbulb. We decided to create date boxes that can fit around family life. If a child wakes up and you need to resettle them, you can stop where you are and carry on after. We wanted lots of laugh, physical touch and the enjoyment of special treats just for the two of you.

Speaking of treats, we are incredibly fussy and like to limit sugar and eat nutrient dense food. So all our Date Boxes are gluten free, dairy free, vegan and have limited sugar and no artificial colours, sweetners or preservatives.

So relax and chill out with your loved one knowing your date is sorted and you don’t even need to leave the house.

Smokin' Hot Date Box
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Pretty Chill Date Box
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