Who We Are

We stand for kindness, generosity and positivity. We believe connection between people is the ultimate way to strengthen our community, and strong connections encourage these core values. Being kind isn’t just about caring for our friends and whanau, it is about being kind to our planet, making ethical and sustainable choices and also being kind to our bodies.

We choose to use products that are local, natural, organic, sustainable and fair wherever we can, because we want to do our part in nurturing a happy and healthy community. We also donate to Child Rescue with every purchase you make because we want to help stop women and children from being exploited and trafficked. 

We want to make gift giving for the naturally minded people in your life super simple. Stop worrying about whether your gift is green enough, allergy friendly, ethical and sustainable. We have you covered!! And if you are unsure about any of our products, just flick us an email and we will listen and help however we can.
— Melanie Webster

Each Gift Box and Date Box has been carefully thought out by Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist, Melanie Webster, to include goodies that will make your giftee feel good inside and out. Even the most discerning naturally minded person will be delighted with our offerings. We have aimed to make our boxes allergy friendly and most are vegan friendly too. 

There are so many occasions for gift giving, and we have tried to cover all bases, Thank you, new baby, welcome to motherhood, keep the kids busy, just because. But if there is something you are hoping for that you can’t see, please drop us a message so we can hook you up.